Monday Morning Motivation | Three Types of Stress

Posted by Bill Esteb on Jun 20th 2016

William D Esteb

  #3 of 13 things every new patient should know: Stress can overload your nervous system.

These days, stress is so prevalent; most patients rarely see its connection to their health and well being. Perhaps more significantly, they are rarely aware of the three types: physical, chemical and emotional. Increasing their awareness of stress will not only help more patients see chiropractic as a valuable long term lifestyle adjunct, it will make your December's busier (usually the most stressful month of the year). Make sure patients get this connection from the very beginning.

"The moving bones of the spine are most common causes of nervous system interference. Stress, whether physical, such as a slip or a fall, chemical, such as alcohol and drugs, or emotional, such as fear and anger, can cause spinal muscles to tighten, misaligning spinal bones and irritating nerve roots that exit the spine between each spinal joint."

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