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Posted by Bill Esteb on Jul 23rd 2022

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As part of an elimination diet consider eliminating common time wasters.

If you want to help more people, than you know time is your most important inventory. Your relationship with time reveals the realistic prospect for helping more people.

Adjusting times – Are you adjusting more segments than necessary? Are you using an assessment or technique that is needlessly time-consuming?

Social needs – Are you squandering precious time by chit-chatting about the weather, sports scores or something equally off purpose?

Sacred time – Are you going in and out of a healing consciousness by doing admin work, taking phone calls or browsing YouTube between seeing patients?

Practice hours – Are you under the misguided notion that practicing more hours is the key to helping more people?

Digital devices – Are you addicted to digital screens, social media feeds or other devices that distract and blunt your impact?

How badly do want to help more people?

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