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Posted by Bill Esteb on Jun 4th 2022

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As part of an elimination diet consider eliminating obsolete beliefs.

It's time to upgrade your operating system. Install some new software by...

Dropping grudges – The most powerful practice growing strategy on the planet is love. Have you forgiven everyone for everything? No matter how heinous or despicable, release them and the emotional attachment you're cultivating. Forgiveness is for you, not them.

Purging prejudices – Time to give up on prejudging those who, based on their weight aren't tall enough, smoke or exhibit other unhealthy habits. Showing up "healthier than thou" may give you a sense of righteousness or superiority, but it isolates and rarely inspires others.

Removing self-limitations – Like patients who define themselves by their symptom, rethink some of your personal declarations such as, "I don't eat sushi," or "I'm a great starter but a poor finisher," or "I'm never on time," or the ever favorite, "I'm too old to learn."

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