Monday Morning Motivation | Know Your Why

Posted by Bill Esteb on Jun 7th 2015

William D Esteb 

A common self-limiting belief that keeps practices small: Your primary purpose is to adjust patients.

Truth: If patients need an adjustment, you should apply the least amount of energy possible, at the most opportune time and place with the objective of reducing nervous system interference between their brain and their body.

But that's not your purpose. Unless you're merely a meat computer. Or an indentured servant who must comply to pay back a debt or fulfill an obligation. Instead, adjusting patients helps advance or manifest your purpose, based upon what business you're in. You could choose to be in the adjustment delivery business or something more interesting. Such as the relationship building business. Or the belief changing business. Or the life expanding business. Or the human performance business.

Being in the chiropractic business is just the first right answer. Adjusting patients is the “what.” Be sure you know the “why.”

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