Monday Morning Motivation | Treating Symptoms

Posted by Bill Esteb on Jun 1st 2015

William D Esteb 

A common self-limiting belief that keeps practices small: The purpose of chiropractic is to treat the patient’s symptom.

Truth: Using chiropractic adjustments to treat pain, besides being the practice of medicine, is a new development. (Drugs are faster, cheaper and more convenient.) Prior to so-called "insurance equality" in the 1970s, chiropractors had family practices and were seen as whole health specialists. Their patients, besides being free thinkers, consulted their chiropractor first, before escalating the situation to see a medical practitioner.

Granted, most patients think you're using adjustments to treat their particular spine issue. Explaining that your adjustments are reducing nerve interference to revive their body's ability to self heal is crucial. Not only is it the truth, but by doing so you appropriately make their recovery a partnership, reducing your burden and rightly increasing theirs.

Chiropractic is a separate and distinct healing discipline with it's own language, intent and purpose.

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