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Posted by Bill Esteb on Oct 16th 2021

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Many chiropractors think that imparting knowledge will change what a patient believes and thus their behavior.

That may be just as wrongheaded as a patient believing that they'll only need a visit or two. Or that when the symptoms subside, they will be permanently "fixed."

But teaching rarely changes a belief. Experience is far more effective.

That's why predicting the likelihood of experiencing a return of their symptoms is so important.

That's why giving context and meaning prior to their experience of their likely relapse is vital.

That's why making it easy for patients to discontinue their care without shame or guilt is essential if patients are to experience the distinction between a "diet" of chiropractic and using it as a long-term lifestyle adjunct.

Many try to short circuit this learning process because it could take years for patients to have the personal experience necessary to embrace a new belief.

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