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Posted by Bill Esteb on Jun 25th 2022

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As part of an elimination diet consider eliminating the influence of naysayers.

After encountering skeptics, doubters and cynics it's tempting to shut down and play small. When we do, the antagonists win. That's exactly what they want.

The only way to attract your tribe of believers is to plant your flag and proclaim your truth. Your clarion call helps those who see the world as you do, to find you. But it will also alert those who disagree. That's great. Because it means:

  • You're a threat—the status quo is at risk
  • You've found a trigger point—lean into it
  • You're up to something—persevere

If you don't encounter the occasional friction from scoffers, you're on the path to oblivion and obscurity.

Anyone up to something significant and meaningful gets push-back. The key is whether your principles are so flimsy that it dissuades you—or fuels you to double down.

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