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Posted by Bill Esteb on Jul 1st 2022

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As part of an elimination diet consider eliminating indecisiveness. Indecisiveness is often a sign of one or more of these:

Lack of purpose – Paying off student loans, reaching a statistical goal or merely surviving is not a purpose. Without a North Star or clearly identified guiding principles, making decisions is difficult, inviting procrastination and the decision not to make a decision. Start by acknowledging you have a right to have a say in your life.

Opportunity chasing – Postponing decisions is thought to be wise, keeping your options open for something better. This is as disconcerting as speaking with someone at a party who is scanning the room for someone more interesting to talk with.

Fear – The fear of making the wrong choice can be paralyzing. Few decisions are irreversible. Make the decision and then make it the right decision by what you do afterwards. No second-guessing or coulda, woulda or shoulda.

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