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Posted by Bill Esteb on Dec 7th 2019

Dear Bill

Do you find that it is still important to show new patient videos on day 1 and day 2? If so, which ones do you recommend?

Yes, video still has a place. Video is still effective at consistently communicating basic information that would be typically delivered pretty much the same to every patient. In other words, the purpose of video is to:

  • Provide a consistent orientation for the new patient on-boarding process
  • Set appropriate expectations—chiropractic is different from medicine
  • Supply a context and meaning for your exam and care recommendations
  • Prove that you’re organized, patient centered and transparent
  • Save time and reduce repetitious explanations

Due to the influence of YouTube and video on demand, chiropractic patient education videos must keep up with the culture. That means:

  • It’s got to be short—anything longer than 4-5 minutes is an imposition
  • It’s got to be relevant—every word and concept needs to count

This was the thinking behind our two newest videos.

Let’s Get Started is designed for the first visit. It was designed to provide a quick orientation explaining what makes chiropractic different.

What We Found is a pre-report video, typically shown on the second visit. Practices who use a two-visit new patient onboarding protocol show both videos.

You might want to attempt to assume the headspace of a new patient and watch both videos and see if they would be helpful.

Thanks for the question!

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