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Monday Morning Motivation | What You Haven't Tried

Posted by Bill Esteb on May 21st 2022

Want to help more patients? You've probably done all the most obvious things. What remains share one or more of these characteristics: Financial cost. Will the investment of time or money pr … read more

Dear Bill | I Can't Retire and I'm Scared

Posted by Bill Esteb on May 13th 2022

Dear Bill, "I'm approaching retirement age, but I don't have enough saved. Frankly, I'm tired, scared and feeling like I'll have to work until I drop. Any suggestions?" No quest … read more

Dear Bill | Second Visit Adjusting

Posted by Bill Esteb on May 7th 2022

Dear Bill, For over a decade I've always adjusted on the second visit. Recently, we seem to be getting more push-back from new patients who are unwilling to book an appointment if they learn … read more