Monday Morning Motivation | Being Respectful

Posted by Bill Esteb on Jun 17th 2018

#3 of 13 ways of being that patients find attractive is being respectful.

How we take care of ourselves and the choices we make about our health and well being is amongst the most personal of decisions.

Honor the patient's sovereign right to take care of their body the way they choose.

It's tempting to show up judgmental. After all, you place a very high value on your health. It's probably one of the reasons you chose a career in health care.

When you fail to honor a patient's health goals and project your values onto them, they can feel inferior and convicted. This is where leadership and inspiration degenerate into shaming and condemnation.

This week be on guard for subtle ways you many unknowingly make patients feel small. A raised eyebrow. Lecturing. Nagging. Instead, help patients get what they want, even if it's less than what they could have.

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