Monday Morning Motivation | Being Present

Posted by Bill Esteb on Aug 5th 2018

#10 of 13 ways of being that patients find attractive is being present.

Being present is one of the more difficult tasks for us humans. There are so many distractions and shiny objects on which we can latch our attention upon.

Breaking news: patients can tell when you’ve left the room to eavesdrop on a conversation at the front desk or to leave the adjusting room to cast your favorite fly upon that tranquil river you visit in your mind when things get routine and boring.

Being present is more than having a physical presence. It’s about paying attention. In other words, there is a cost you pay. Which requires that you actually value the person in front of you. Difficult to do if you’ve reduced them to mere objects, such as a low back case, a self-pay patient or a patient who doesn't keep her appointments.

Stay here. Now.