Monday Morning Motivation | Being Optimistic

Posted by Bill Esteb on Aug 13th 2018

#11 of 13 ways of being that patients find attractive is being optimistic.

You are among an elite group who know the truth about health and healing. You are not deceived by the germ-fearing, symptom-treating, drug-taking, outside-in beliefs that dominate our culture and keep so many in bondage as victims of bad luck, fate or DNA as destiny.

This should make you the most confident, upbeat, enthusiastic person your patients ever meet.

You may take for granted that chiropractic principles are grounded in scientific fact. That it is not a cult. That you don't have to believe in it to unleash its potential. That it stands up to critical thinking and has stood the test of time as countless medical procedures have come and gone.

Knowing the truth sets you free. Use it to inspire those around you and produce hope--the essential ingredient for healing. No hope. No healing.