Adjusting is the 10th chiropractic book in the patient's-point-of-view series. And Bill's wit and wisdom just gets sharper and sharper. There's probably something to make just about every chiropractor squirm. 

In this book for chiropractors, Bill takes pot shots at all the chiropractic sacred cows. From annual care plans and chiropractic colleges to chiropractic consultants and so-called "principled" chiropractors. But this chiropractic advocate always offers up practical, down-to-earth solutions and more resourceful ways of practicing during this time of change.

As Dr. Markson observes in the book's Introduction reprinted below, "If you tend to enjoy a succinct and tidy book that mercifully spares you the fluff and filler needed by most authors to reach their page quota, you'll find “Adjusting” totally refreshing."

If you've found Bill's seminars, blog posts, recordings and previous chiropractic books thought-provoking, you'll find this one even more affirming! Not a book reader? Bill reads aloud his favorite nine chapters from this and his other nine books on CD on Bill's Best.

"Just read your book and I wanted to let you know that it rocked me. I've read all of your books but for some reason this one hit me at the right time because my head is spinning. I just finished it and am going to re-read it immediately (with a highlighter!). Forget $500 a month for coaches. All chiropractors need to do is keep reading this book over and over until it sinks in." ~Steve Prentice, DC

“This is a must read for all student DC's and veteran chiro's. It's remarkably clear. No powder puff stuff. Just simple truth. It's desperately needed for myself and others to get us back to the basics of what our profession was intended for. There is such great stuff in this book. I don't look forward to finishing it. What else will I read that is as stimulating?” ~Dr. Irma Palmer

“I want to thank you for writing Adjusting. I purchased both the book and CD. It is a masterpiece and I must say, after listening to it about four or five times, it has penetrated to some new layers. I have experienced quite a bit of clarity and have had some new visions in my quest to help others. Thank you for being a true friend to Chiropractic and Chiropractors!” ~Dr. Bryan Siegel

"Just finished reading "Adjusting." Truly an amazing observation. I have read all your books and this one is the best. You 'pull no punches,' telling it like it is. I enjoyed every page, every chapter. I always do reading at lunch time to fill my head with 'good stuff.' Now it's time to re-read the book and highlight it." ~Dr. Jerry Majer

An excellent gift for the chiropractor you love!

Adjusting Book
Observations of a Chiropractic Advocate During a Time of Change
Foreword by Lou Jenik, DC
Introduction by Larry Markson, DC
Published in 2008
240 Pages

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Adjusting: Observations of a Chiropractic Advocate During a Time of Change may well be the last of Bill Esteb's remarkable 10 volume Chiropractic Advocate Series – but, as you should have come to expect by now, he has saved the best for last!

And, if you as a reader tend to enjoy a succinct and tidy book, one that mercifully spares you the fluff and filler needed by most authors to reach their page quota, then you will find Adjusting totally refreshing. It is filled to the brim with the hard-hitting and unbridled, like it or not, believe it or not truth that I believe is an absolute must read for every practicing Chiropractor on planet Earth.

Bill, never one to minimize or hide behind the safe and politically correct posture often assumed by those who earn their living from our profession, has put together a compendium – a brief, but thoroughly comprehensive account of every cause and every resulting effect that creates success, mediocrity or failure in Chiropractic practice.

He clears up the hidden mysteries of why some DC's enjoy abundantly healthy, successful, growing, financially rewarding and personally fulfilling practices, while sadly, very sadly, others with the same opportunity end up discouraged and frustrated with their practices and lives.

Bill's claim to fame is that he is a Chiropractic Advocate and he has in the past looked at Chiropractic from a Patients Point of View (his first book). But, in Adjusting he sounds more like a veteran practitioner who has lived through a metamorphic career that transformed and overcame the same obstacles we all face, until over time he, like you can, conquered every one of them.

He had to make new decisions, change his philosophical beliefs and even add a metaphysical component. Then he had to differentiate between Patch Care, Fix Care or Non-symptomatic Care (true wellness orientation) and the mechanistic vs. vitalistic model that we struggle with on a daily basis.

Finally, and with great skill and dexterity, Bill Esteb handles the issue of the profession's addiction new patients, why patients miss appointments, discontinue regular care or even leave the practice. He nails the problem of declining reimbursement, effective patient education, and how to heal yourself from all the symptoms (fear, anxiety and doubt) that you may be experiencing.

As a Practice Management Consultant and Personal Freedom coach to over 25,000 Chiropractors over the past 30 years, I have seen and heard it all – but it took 30 years and a vast amount of experience to understand the causes and the cures to what ails us. Bill does it all, right here and right now in just a couple of hundred pages.

I want to help get this book to every DC in practice! If they would actually just read it, highlight it as they navigate through the chapters, internalize and digest the content and then if they had the guts, fortitude and audacity to act upon the information contained in Adjusting they could, no doubt, have the practice they have always dreamed about.

Dr. Lawrence T. Markson
Boca Raton, FL