Monday Morning Motivation | Why Educate Patients?

Posted by Bill Esteb on Mar 11th 2023

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It's usually a life-changing event or circumstance, not "patient education," that prompts patients to reprioritize their health. So why bother educating patients?

I know five reasons:

1. Supply a new meaning for their symptom – It may be the most important "adjustment" you make. Pain is a language, albeit a simple one, their body uses to get their owner's attention.

2. Provide a context for your intervention – Without proper patient education, patients assume your adjustments are treating their symptom. At least that's what it seems like.

3. Set appropriate expectations – You won't be getting any medication. Here's what we'll be doing instead.

4. Build trust, ease and collaboration – Without effective patient education, patients project their medical doctor experiences onto you. Which means you're expected to do all the heavy lifting.

5. Remind you of your mission – Telling the story renews your passion and reminds you of your high and noble purpose.

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Bill Esteb has been a chiropractic patient and advocate since 1981. He is the creative director of Patient Media and the co-founder of Perfect Patients. He’s been a regular speaker at chiropractic gatherings since 1985. His 12 books explore the doctor/patient relationship from a patient's point of view. His chiropractic blog, coaching program, patient focus groups and consulting calls have helped hundreds of chiropractors around the world. Since 1999 Monday Morning Motivation has been emailed to over 10,000 subscribers each week.