Monday Morning Motivation | What's Your Intent?

Posted by Bill Esteb on Nov 13th 2021

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Among some chiropractors it produces an expression of derision when it's asserted that intent is partly what makes a chiropractic adjustment different from a manipulation.

Intention is a big deal.

If your intent is to impose your will onto the patient's spine, overriding their innate intelligence, you'll want to be especially careful.

If your intent is to reduce the patient's symptoms, remember symptoms have little to do with their health or well-being.

If your intent is to reap the emotional rewards of rescuing patients from their lifestyle choices, be prepared for a dose of resentment and a splash of thanklessness.

Intention matters.

It's the difference between murder in the first degree and involuntary manslaughter. In both cases the victim is dead, but the intent of the accused was quite different.

Are you clear about your intent? Are patients? It's a difference that can make all the difference in the world.

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