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Posted by Bill Esteb on Sep 5th 2020

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How many perfect days have you had?

If the number is small it may be because you haven't actually identified what a perfect day looks like, feels like, sounds like, tastes like and smells like.

By investing a bit of time and imagination you can significantly increase the likelihood of experiencing more perfect days. Because once you describe it, you'll have an increased acuity and your brain will automagically start lining up the necessary circumstances.

Like when you're looking for a new car. Once a particular model catches your fancy, you suddenly start seeing it everywhere.

Same thing here.

This is just one of the many ways we can choose to live consciously. It begins with the belief that we deserve perfect days; that we can have a say in the matter.

Remember, describe your perfect day in positive terms--what your perfect day includes, not what it doesn't include.

As a practical matter, here are some strategies to help you uncover the possible moments of your perfect day:

Chronological moments - Consider the circumstances from the moment you wake up in the morning to the moment you drift off to sleep at night. What would make your day extraordinary as the day progresses?

Physical senses - Consider what it would take to tantalize each of your five senses. Go deep into your memory about the highlights of your life for each sensory input so you can assemble your list.

Intellectual pursuits - Consider the things that nourish your mind, whether books, documentary films, conversations, debates or learning something new. Recall the Sunday mornings with the newspaper or moments with a microscope or telescope.

Emotional experiences - Consider those things that provoke an emotional response, whether love, compassion, empathy, inspiration and hope. Don't forget to consider those things that produce gratitude, awe and a sense of fulfillment.

Spiritual insights - Remember, we're spiritual (eternal) beings having a physical experience. Consider those soul satisfying moments you've experienced when connecting with God, in your service to others and the supernatural events that affirmed your being and produced profound joy.

Family circumstances - How does your family figure into your perfect day? Will you be involving some or all your family in some or all your day? Remember, there's the family you have now, plus the family you came from.

Social situations - Does your perfect day involve being with others or by yourself? With new friends? Or longstanding friendships? Participating with a group or pursuing something deeply personal?

Financial resources - Explore this area and you may discover that winning the lottery or being a millionaire isn't on your list. Maybe security and stability are. Or the resources and opportunities to be more generous. Or simply being debt free. This is one area where most people rarely know the specifics of what they want. But very clear about what they don't want.

Career activities - Does your perfect day include time at your practice? How many hours? Morning or afternoon? 30% busier? Cash patients only? What? This portion of the exercise alone will help bring about the circumstances you desire. But you must first identify specifically what is going to float your boat.


The wisest, richest man in the world performed this exercise thousands of years ago. His conclusions are shared in Ecclesiastes. As you may remember, Solomon's overarching refrain was "Futility of futilities," or "Vanity of vanities," or "Everything is meaningless!" depending upon the translation.

Our job is to bring meaning to this experience.

Which is why I remind chiropractors that ideal health is not the overarching objective. More important is what are we going to do with our health? Our health, along with other resources permit us to live more fully; to pursue our deepest purpose. Do you know yours? Do patients? I'm relatively certain it isn't merely to be pain-free. Or to have a better cervical curve.

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Bill Esteb has been a chiropractic patient and advocate since 1981. He is the creative director of Patient Media and the co-founder of Perfect Patients. He’s been a regular speaker at Parker Seminars and other chiropractic gatherings since 1985. He is the author of 12 books that explore the doctor/patient relationship from a patient’s point of view. His chiropractic blog, in-office consultations, patient focus groups and consulting calls have helped hundreds of chiropractors around the world. His Monday Morning Motivation is emailed to over 10,000 subscribers each week.