Monday Morning Motivation | The First Adjustment

Posted by Bill Esteb on Jul 31st 2021

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Moment of truth 9 of 13: the first adjustment.

Many chiropractors have forgotten their first adjustment. This loss of beginner's mind can make it difficult to appreciate a patient's emotional state.

Prepare patients by explaining "adjusting room etiquette."

Preparation – Do you want patients already lying face down on your table when you enter the room? Or not?

Visualization – Is there anything you want patients to visualize or think about during the adjustment?

Conversation – Do you invite conversation during the adjustment?

Collaboration – Congratulate patients when there is good joint movement. "You did great!"

Surprise the patient with a phone call that evening as they are physically and emotionally processing their adjustment(s).

"I'm just calling to follow up after your first adjustment," you announce.

There are only three likely responses: better, worse or no change. Regardless of their answer, begin your explanation with, "I was expecting that." And then share your explanation.

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