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Posted by Bill Esteb on Jun 17th 2023

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3 of 13 things that annoy your staff: Not knowing what's going on.

Regular team meetings keep everyone on purpose. Amazingly, many practices don't reserve time to nurture each other and celebrate their successes. Instead, news is shared during chance hallway meetings.

"What would we talk about?"

Postmortem. A review of the breakthroughs and breakdowns of the previous week.

Case review. Choose a case and remind the entire team the role they play in making patient care possible.

Goals setting. Are you on track to hit the statistical goals you've set?

Role playing. Refine scripting, practice answering patient questions and review sections of your procedure manual.

Short-term planning. Looking ahead, what does the next week look like? What progress exams are scheduled?

Long-term planning. What seminars or conventions will you be attending? What practice events are scheduled?

Keep your team in the dark and you may end up with mushrooms.

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