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Posted by Bill Esteb on Jul 8th 2023

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6 of 13 things that annoy your staff: Lack of regular reviews.

When your support team is seen as an extended family, it's easy to forget there's an employer/employee dynamic in play. This, combined with a lack of business training and rigor of conducting regular employee reviews is often overlooked.

Good or bad, we all want to know how we're doing.

Reminds me of the recent newlywed complaining that her husband never tells her how much he loves her. "Of course, I do. If anything changes, I'll let you know."

Start here:

  • Have a written (and accurate) job description. 
  • Meet at least once a year on their hiring anniversary.
  • Concentrate on what an employee has done well.
  • Provide suggestions on what to start, stop or continue.
  • Set goals that are measurable and easily trackable.

Many employee surveys reach an important conclusion: Lack of feedback is directly linked to employee turnover.

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