Monday Morning Motivation | Staff Annoyances – Poor Training

Posted by Bill Esteb on Jul 1st 2023

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5 of 13 things that annoy your staff: Lack of chiropractic training.

For chiropractors simply thankful that someone with a pulse has agreed to hold down the front desk, the notion of investing in a chiropractic education seems like a luxury. In the beginning it's thought to be far more important to master the scheduling and billing software and other essentials.

"We'll get to that later."

Often, later never comes. Chiropractic doctrine is assumed to be absorbed by osmosis. So, the role degenerates into a bizarre combination of hostess, traffic cop and bookkeeper.

No wonder there's frequent turnover.

Without chiropractic training there's a feeling of incompetence by not understanding the vocabulary. Without chiropractic training it's easy to feel like an outsider.

If you neglect this training and are unwilling or unable to inspire your team to embrace chiropractic principles, the likelihood of patients abandoning their medical mindset borders on hallucination.

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