Monday Morning Motivation | Staff Annoyances - Late

Posted by Bill Esteb on Jun 3rd 2023

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1 of 13 things that annoy your staff: Being late for the first patient of the day.

Granted, unexpected road closures, accidents and unforeseen events can happen. But chronic tardiness is dispiriting.

1. Your tardiness reflects poorly on your team. Everyone else can arrive on time. Your apparent disrespect sends a message of self-importance.

2. Your team feels obliged to entertain. Smoothing over the patient's disappointment and killing time before your arrival can be stressful and embarrassing.

3. You're not in a healing state for your first patient. With a Starbucks on your breath and whatever you were listening to in the car still reverberating in your head, you're not in a healing state, shortchanging the first patients of the day.

As the business owner you have the prerogative to behave anyway you wish. But it can be costly.

Creating trust, with your team or with patients, requires keeping promises.

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