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Posted by Bill Esteb on Aug 26th 2023

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13 of 13 things that annoy your staff: Being referred to as one of your "girls."

As in, "I'll have one of my girls call you."


If one of your daughters is working the front desk, then sure, you can have one of "your girls" make the call. But if no one on your team came from your loins, or is a minor, then this level of familiarity is inappropriate.

It's often perceived as condescending and disrespectful, minimizing and objectifying your team of paraprofessionals. It suggests that you may not have much regard for them. It's dismissive and could indicate that a boundary between a personal and professional relationship has been crossed.

Our words reveal our heart.

Thankfully, many team members will extend you grace and not confront you on this outdated languaging. Especially if you display other charming old-school behaviors that suggest that you're a lovable codger or geezer.

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