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Posted by Bill Esteb on Jul 15th 2023

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7 of 13 things that annoy your staff: The unfulfilled promise of change.

It's why many veteran staff members no longer want to attend seminars.

There's nothing quite as inspirational as learning some new idea that could deliver better patient care, make the job more enjoyable, improve efficiencies or incorporate some innovation. And nothing quite as demotivational as then having it dismissed out of hand by a boss who may be uncomfortable with change or prefers things just as they are.

Maybe it's a bad idea. Maybe you've tried it before. Maybe it's too disruptive. There can be countless legitimate reasons why you wouldn't want to even test the idea.

But you'll want to be careful. Spike too many of these suggestions and they're sure to stop coming and any emotional investment in the practice will come to a screeching halt as well.

It turns "our" practice into "my" practice.

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