Monday Morning Motivation | Staff Annoyances - Appreciation

Posted by Bill Esteb on Aug 19th 2023

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12 of 13 things that annoy your staff: Being taken for granted.

It must be fulfilling when patients rave about how you've helped them. How you saved them from surgery. Got them off meds. Permitted them to get their life back.

The dopamine hits must be intoxicating.

Meanwhile, your team often goes without acknowledgement or appreciation.

This is common among practitioners who reveal their heart by referring to it as "my" practice or "my" patients.

Showing appreciation and recognizing your team for their contribution to "our" practice benefits everyone: you, them and even patients:

Improved morale – A thank you note or a compliment in front of others improves teamwork and increases resiliency.

Emotional investment – Notice a greater inclination to go the extra mile.

Better performance – See increased productivity as everyone is inspired to exceed expectations and do their best.

Practice culture – The teamwork patients see is inspiring, producing unsolicited referrals.

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