Monday Morning Motivation | Seth Godin

Posted by Bill Esteb on Aug 25th 2019

"Playing it safe is very risky." Seth Godin

Going beige, attempting to blend in and making sure that we don't offend anyone is the surest way to be inconsequential and ineffective. It's based on the belief that by rounding off all the sharp edges and hiding our light we will enhance our acceptance.

It's not true.

Fitting in may have been a successful survival strategy in high school, but now it's a recipe for being ignored.

Achieving comfort might be the cultural notion of success, but the only way to coast is to go downhill.

Playing it safe is a great way to squander this opportunity called life. So many have been deceived into believing that life is something to get through; endure. You can tell because they've stopped dreaming. They can tell you what they don't want, but often come up empty-handed when asked what they do want. Dream!