Monday Morning Motivation | Report of Findings Part 2

Posted by Bill Esteb on Jul 24th 2021

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Moment of truth 8 of 13: your report of findings.

Use the report of findings to shape one of the most significant moments of truth: when the patient's care is complete. Be sure to discuss this now rather than later.

Defuse the myth – Most have heard that 'once you go you have to go for the rest of your life.'

Prove your detachment – Let them know that you're not invested in the choices they make.

Reduce their stress – so patients don't have to lie (make appointments they don't intend to keep) when they want to stop care.

Enhance reactivations – by making it easy to end care, you make it easy to resume care should symptoms return. Plus, patients will be less likely to avoid you in the grocery store.

"When you've had enough tell me so we can celebrate your success and archive your records should you need us again."

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