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Posted by Bill Esteb on Aug 14th 2021

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Moment of truth 11 of 13: the progress examination.

Many chiropractors simply don't conduct progress examinations. "Let sleeping dogs lie," they say to themselves.

However, reserving the 10th or 12th visit to conduct a brief follow-up exam can do two things:

1. Provide affirmation and encouragement by comparing where they were with where they are, and

2. Create a communication event to discuss a potential change in visit frequency and the value of some type of post-symptomatic care.

Which may be problematic if you rely solely on X-rays (which rarely show significant changes after four weeks of care), orthopedic findings (which can be negative even though subluxation patterns may still be present) or symptoms to justify your care.

Which has prompted many practices employ sEMG, thermography and other technology, or to document a patient's overall wellness.

The key is to use something other than their symptoms to measure their progress.

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