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Posted by Bill Esteb on Apr 18th 2021

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One of the overlooked characteristics of success, regardless of how you define it, is having margin in one's life. Margin, as in having excess, abundance and surplus.

A convenient indicator for determining your level of margin is when you choose to head to the gas station to refuel your car.

Do you wait until you're running on fumes? When it's approaching E? When it's half empty? When?

It's not as if you're betting fuel prices will dip a few cents by waiting. Or that you don't want to buy fuel you'll never use. Or that you'll spend less on fuel by waiting. Or that waiting will reduce the inconvenience.

Instead, you're revealing your relationship with abundance.

A common misconception is that living hand to mouth will change once you have greater success in your life. In fact, it's the reverse.

When buying commodities, buy more than you need right now.

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