Monday Morning Motivation | Internal Marketing

Posted by Bill Esteb on May 11th 2019

Want more new patients? Here's a crash course with some of the more effective internal marketing strategies:

Clearly defined purpose - Avoid an inward purpose (survival, profitability, ego-driven) in favor of an outward purpose (serving, delighting, inspiring patients).

Generous listening - Show up empty without an agenda. Avoid interrupting, making assumptions or jumping to conclusions.

Consistent patient education - Systematically provide context and meaning to their symptoms and what chiropractic is and isn't.

Formal report of findings - Present your care recommendations based on what they need, rather than what you think they'll buy.

Deliver the goods - Extraordinary clinical skills and adjustments with that "extra something."

Razor sharp boundaries - You (and patients) know where your responsibilities end and theirs begin. You care without carrying.

Relentless staff training - Your support team recognizes referral opportunities as well as subtle clues that indicate disappointment or potential upset.

Optimize your internal marketing strategies before investing in external marketing.