Monday Morning Motivation | Imagining the Future

Posted by Bill Esteb on Nov 4th 2023

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What are you looking forward to?

Unlike animals who seem constantly present, we have the faculty to recall the past and imagine the future.

The past is where guilt resides. The classic coulda, woulda, shoulda observations are distinctly human. But linger too long looking in the rear-view mirror of our lives and it’s easy to become paralyzed into inaction.

The future is where fear resides. But it is also where creativity, achievement and possibilities exist. By now, just about everything you want—exists on the other side of fear.

Without a want, wish or desire, life becomes tedious and a burdensome going-through-the-motions. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t stop to smell the flowers from time to time. But you and I need a goal or a dream that we can live into.

Just remember that fear will be a likely companion. Feel it. And do it anyway.

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Bill Esteb has been a chiropractic patient and advocate since 1981. He is the creative director of Patient Media and the co-founder of Perfect Patients. He’s been a regular speaker at chiropractic gatherings since 1985. His 12 books explore the doctor/patient relationship from a patient's point of view. His chiropractic blog, coaching program, patient focus groups and consulting calls have helped hundreds of chiropractors around the world. Since 1999 Monday Morning Motivation has been emailed to over 10,000 subscribers each week.