Monday Morning Motivation | How to Improve Patient Retention

Posted by Bill Esteb on Apr 29th 2023

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Make sure your patients are born into families that placed a high value on physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Make sure your patients avoid sugar, industrial seed oils, processed foods and at least take a multi-vitamin.

Make sure your patients are among the 30% of the public that brushes and flosses their teeth daily.

Make sure your patients properly maintain their car, their lawn, their clothing and other items that are known to last longer with preventative maintenance.

Make sure your patients are saving enough for retirement, have adequate life insurance and have a robust emergency fund.

Make sure your patients have high levels of body awareness and are able to detect subtle changes in their physiology.

Make sure your patients never let their gas tank dip below half full before filling up.

Could it be that patient retention reveals more about the patient than what you say or do?

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