Monday Morning Motivation | Fear

Posted by Bill Esteb on Mar 21st 2020

FDR was correct about the fear thing.

What makes it so potent is that fear is an emotion and a spiritual force. Just as thoughts are things, so too is that demonic spirit on the prowl to steal, kill and destroy. It's especially important not to relinquish even a toehold to the enemy.

Unplug from the media – Don't participate in the fear mongering and the panic production machine. If you need to know something, you'll hear about it.

Remain optimistic – Your greatest asset is your immune system. You can't afford the luxury of a single negative thought. Laugh.

Serve others – It may not even be through chiropractic care. Be generous. Listen.

Spend time in nature – The birds seem oblivious to current events. You have far greater resources.

Stay present – Don't rush that disaster you've imagined. The future will be here soon enough. When it arrives you'll know what to do.

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