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Posted by Bill Esteb on Jul 10th 2021

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Moment of truth 6 of 13: the examination.

While I've never personally conducted a "physical, orthopedic, chiropractic, neurological and radiographic examination," after 10 chiropractors over 40 years I've been on the receiving end a few times.

One choice is to take a very medical approach, umming and ahhing at opportune times to create a sense of mystery and that you're uncovering some rather unsavory findings.

This is manipulative theater.

The other, is to make your report of findings somewhat anti-climactic by revealing what you're learning along the way. In this case, repetition is your friend.

I recommend the latter. Sharing the most significant findings along the way helps patients sit with the fact that you clearly understand what's going on.

Then, at your report there's no need for the "big reveal." Or any other surprise. Instead, it's about making meaning of your findings and offering choices for the way forward.

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