Monday Morning Motivation | Encountering Constraints

Posted by Bill Esteb on Oct 9th 2021

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What's your strategy when you encounter a constraint, objection or obstacle?

Blame – The fault is always with something "out there." Or we believe the accuser who tells us we're not smart enough or good enough.

Opposition – There's an attempt to counter with an equal or greater force. This gives the opposition strength and legitimacy because what you resist, persists.

Helplessness – An unhelpful victim mentality can emerge as we surrender our spirit. Most of what we see as insurmountable is merely head trash, faulty beliefs or a lack of faith.

Resignation – Powerlessness has degenerated into detachment. Go along to get along. The loss of freedom provokes the Stockholm Syndrome as we side with our captors.

Creativity – Necessity is the mother of invention. Virtually every innovation and advancement is the result of unleashing imagination, inspiration and creating possibilities.

The approach we take reveals our character, worldview and even our identity.

Choose wisely.

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