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Posted by Bill Esteb on Apr 20th 2024

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Getting our self-worth from our work is common, especially among those for whom chiropractic is a calling.

But there’s a dark side that can emerge from a light schedule or a couple of no shows or several sudden cancellations.

This triggers many to imagine that this is the end. They’ve lost their mojo. It won’t be long before they’re living in a cardboard box under the bridge.

Really? You’re not a machine that becomes worthless if it’s not online stamping out metal parts!

Tame this common inclination by starting with the language used to describe the circumstance in which you aren’t adjusting patients. Stop calling it “down time.”

When did being busy become the goal?

Are you living that close to the edge?

Is “busy” a convenient avoidance strategy?

Being effective, creating impact and leaving a legacy require self-reflection, stillness, and preparation. Which rarely occur in the heat of battle.

Dear Bill | Downtime Freaks Me Out

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