Monday Morning Motivation | Disembodiment

Posted by Bill Esteb on Dec 16th 2023

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We are not our bodies.

We’re merely occupying this earth suit for about “three score and ten” years.

Each of us has the freedom to treat it as we wish. You can see those who have an unusually high regard for their body, and those who clearly don’t.

I’m uncertain of the cause of such a wide variation, but I suspect that by the time a patient enters your practice, habituation has set in. Any well-intentioned efforts to up regulate the maintenance of their soul package, while noble, is likely fall on deaf ears.

Don’t take it personally. And no need to succumb to guilt or shame, imagining the end justifies the means.

Instead, help them become more mindful of the sometimes-subtle signals supplied by the body they’re living in. A change in digestion. Throat clearing. Burping. Flatulence. Sleeplessness. Itching. Cravings.

“How do people get through life without chiropractic?”


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Bill Esteb has been a chiropractic patient and advocate since 1981. He is the creative director of Patient Media and the co-founder of Perfect Patients. He’s been a regular speaker at chiropractic gatherings since 1985. His 12 books explore the doctor/patient relationship from a patient's point of view. His chiropractic blog, coaching program, patient focus groups and consulting calls have helped hundreds of chiropractors around the world. Since 1999 Monday Morning Motivation has been emailed to over 10,000 subscribers each week.