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Posted by Bill Esteb on Feb 17th 2024

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I’ve frequently mentioned that curiosity can be a superpower, especially when paired with being a great listener. So, I’m often asked how one develops the skill (and it is a learned behavior) of curiosity. Here are some things I’ve observed:

Perceptive – Capable of discerning subtle changes in tone, body language, and the energy of others. Excellent at pattern recognition.

Awareness – There’s a macro view of the world in which they are not the center, but a participant.

Growth mindset – As a lifelong learner, their diverse areas of interest make them effective generalists.

Intellectually limber – Accepting of differing points of view, they have given up the need to be right.

Self-esteem – High levels of certainty offer the luxury of fearlessly entertaining opposing ideas without feeling threatened.

Present – By living in the now they avoid assumptions.

Comfortable being alone – Easily entertained by their own mind, they can be alone without being lonely.

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