Monday Morning Motivation | What's Your Purpose?

Posted by Bill Esteb on Jun 4th 2017

William D Esteb

#1 of 13 questions to ask yourself: What is my purpose?

Every one and every thing has a purpose. Including your practice. Do you know what it is?

It's not to adjust patients.

Now, I hope you adjust patients, but it's not your purpose. Adjusting patients helps you advance or come closer to manifesting your purpose. In other words, adjusting patients is a means rather than an end in itself.

Definitely become a master of your preferred technique. But if you make adjusting patients your purpose, practice eventually becomes mechanical and emotionally empty. This can show up in the contradiction of wanting to " as many people in our community who are available..." yet relying on a technique that consumes massive amounts of time, constraining your ability to help more than a couple dozen people a day.

Even more important, knowing your purpose equips you say "No!" to off-purpose opportunities.

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