Monday Morning Motivation | What Business Are You In?

Posted by Bill Esteb on Jun 11th 2017

William D Esteb

#2 of 13 questions to ask yourself: What business am I in?

You may have never considered this one. After all, you're a chiropractor. So you must be in the chiropractic business. Right?

This is the problem the train industry faced. They thought they were in the train business, rather than the transportation business. So they missed out when commercial aviation took off.

You could be a chiropractor in the spinal curve restoration business, the natural pain relief business, the wellness business, the human optimization business, the relationship cultivating business, the vitality business or even the health business. The key is to choose a business that a sufficient number of people in your drawing area want.

Be in the chiropractic business if you wish. Just be mindful that it may not be attractive to the "been there done that" crowd. Whatever business you choose, make it simple and highly focused.

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