Monday Morning Motivation | Being Proficient

Posted by Bill Esteb on Jun 3rd 2018

#1 of 13 ways of being that patients find attractive is being proficient.

Patients measure proficiency differently than you do. If they have been to other chiropractors before seeing you, they can certainly compare your adjustments and tableside manner with their previous chiropractor. In other words, patients measure proficiency subjectively rather than objectively.

When it comes to objective proficiency, most chiropractors would rate themselves as being above average. As do most automobile drivers, college professors and employees. Which is impossible. This is such a common phenomenon psychologists have given it a name: illusory superiority.

And while comparing ourselves with others is fraught with danger, accurate self-assessment is essential if we are to improve those areas in which we are not as proficient as we should be.

While not perfect, one way to get a bead on your adjusting skills is to count how many other chiropractors seek care from you.

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