Monday Morning Motivation | Being Healthy

Posted by Bill Esteb on Aug 26th 2018

#13 of 13 ways of being that patients find attractive is being healthy.

Those who seek your care rarely get healthier than you. So, if you want a wellness practice it's important to be at least as well as the practice members you hope to attract. If you want to help personal injury patients, not so much.

Just be mindful that everyone you serve may not share your devotion to optimal health. You can run the risk of showing up "healthier than thou," presenting a bar so high that mere mortals can't reach it. Instead of being an inspiration, you can inadvertently discourage those who value their health less than you.

Remember, the goal is not optimal health. Even the healthiest, subluxation-free individuals will eventually pass on. Health is a means, not the end. Being healthy merely gives us the capacity to leave this place better than we found it.