Monday Morning Motivation | Being Fearless

Posted by Bill Esteb on Jul 15th 2018

#7 of 13 ways of being that patients find attractive is being fearless.

You probably didn't wake up this morning thinking, "You know, if I were to show up fearless I bet I'd have a greater influence with patients."

But it's true.

Sure, fear is an emotion, but it is also a form of spiritual oppression. And while this dimension of practice may be a little woo-woo to some, the fact is we're spiritual beings having a physical experience. The degree of fear you experience is directly related to your connection with God.

There was a time when chiropractors were the feral ones. Rebels. Radicals. The Resistance. Revolutionaries who stood up to the mainstream and the herd mentality of the Borg.

If you want to make a difference, and, as Steve Jobs put it, "Put a dent in the universe," avoid playing small, be more provocative and show up fearless.