50 Chiropractic Patient Emails Download


These days an occasional email to your patients can stimulate reactivations, encourage online reviews, produce referrals and grow your practice.

Plus, patients appreciate the outreach. It’s proof you really care.

Here are 50 different patient emails that do all the work for you. Professionally written and ready to go. Complete with suggested “open me” subject lines to get your patient emails opened and read.

Written by master chiropractic communicator and writer Will Esteb, these patient emails connect deeply with both active and inactive patients. It’s a go-to resource you’ll use again and again.

“This is some of my best work, gleaned from over 30 years of writing patient newsletters, blog posts and patient brochures.”

It makes a great chiropractic gift!

Emails to Inspire, Remind and Educate

Here are some of the more popular topics and their subject lines:

Email Topic Subject Line
Children checkup Are Growing Pains Real?
Once a month visits How To Be the Best Version of You
Refer others A Warm Fuzzy Feeling
Halloween Scarier Than Ghosts and Goblins
New Year’s New Year’s Resolution: No Diets
Home leg length test Conduct This Test in Your Bedroom
Laughter: best medicine        How to Boost Immunity and Reduce Pain
Birthday Sorry. Your Gift Isn’t Wrapped
Reactivation Common But Not Normal
Orthotics Are Your Feet Giving You Headaches?









An Introduction to Chiropractic Email Marketing

Plus 40 additional short, to-the-point emails that educate, inspire, alert, remind and encourage your patients to embrace ongoing chiropractic care.

Each message concludes with a call to action to get patients to refer, resume care or tell others about chiropractic. These are high-powered marketing emails written for results.

Plus, you’ll receive a helpful guideline about email readability, when to send, subject lines, bounces, list segmentation, how to avoid spam traps, email fatigue and more.

Guaranteed to return a 10X, 30X or 100X return on your investment. Available instantly as a digital download. 30-Day Money Back Guarantee