Chiropractic For Assistants Download


Permanent Resource for Onboarding New Staff

Chiropractic For Assistants is a staff training program that supplies the “why” for being an effective team player.

Use other resources to teach your software and acquaint your newest employee with the procedures of your practice. Use Chiropractic For Assistants to explain the most essential chiropractic principles:

Why you don’t treat symptoms.
Why chiropractic has its own language.
Why patients need to return multiple times.
Why children would receive chiropractic care.
Why you are the eyes and ears of the chiropractor.

This one-hour audio program turns your chiropractic assistants into committed chiropractic advocates. Give your front line a greater understanding of chiropractic principles by simply listening to this "mini-seminar."

Have your newest team member take the free, 20-question online quiz before listening to the one-hour audio seminar.

And then take it again after listening.

This training is a "crash course" that brings context and meaning to the various goings on at the front desk. Allow Bill Esteb to personally train your staff:

  • How to answer questions
  • Basic anatomy and physiology
  • Recognizing referral opportunities
  • How and why chiropractic works
  • Ways to avoid burnout
  • Importance of patient confidentiality
  • The language of chiropractic
  • The meaning of symptoms
  • Types of chiropractic care
  • What makes chiropractic different

Available as an instant digital download, add this chiropractic assistant training tool to your practice today. 30-day Money Back Guarantee

Chiropractic For Assistants Training
by Bill Esteb
One hour digital download .mp3