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Chiropractic Brochures In a Money-Saving Package

Looking to upgrade your brochures and make your brochure rack more appealing? Time to freshen things up? Ready to get back to basics?

Choose the brochures that address real-world concerns with the concise, readable text and eye-catching graphics that educate and inspire. The brochures you use matter.

Learn four ways to get more from your brochure rack.

Save when you get all 18 titles of the What Patients Want to Know series in a money-saving package. That's 900 brochures! It’s like getting three titles free.

The Essential Chiropractic Brochure Titles

Adjustments brochure The chiropractic adjustment is the centerpiece of your practice. Use this brochure to explain what it is and what it does.

Back Pain brochure It's the most common chiropractic admitting complaint. This brochure explains how chiropractic care helps. Included in our Symptoms Package.

Children brochure Introduce pediatric chiropractic care to patients who are also parents or grandparents with this brochure.

Chiropractic brochure Make the distinction between chiropractic care and medical treatment with this essential chiropractic brochure.

Family Care brochure Can your patients inspire the rest of their family to come in to get checked? This brochure does the heavy lifting.

First Visit brochure Lifetime chiropractic care begins with a first visit. Set appropriate expectations. Reduce apprehension the easy way.

Headache brochure It's one of the top admitting complaints in your practice. Stimulate more referrals for headaches and migraines. Included in our Symptoms Package.

Health Insurance brochure Help your patients makes sense of their deductibles, co-pays, medical necessity and maximum medical improvement.

Medicare brochure Your seniors need simple, precise explanations. Use this. Because Medicare handles chiropractic different from medical treatment. (Indicate Par or Non-par.)

Neck Pain brochure It's where the stress often manifests. Encourage more new patient consultations by anticipating and neutralizing concerns. Included in our Symptoms Package.

Pain Relief brochure Help patients attach a new meaning to their symptoms. Explain that pain is rarely the problem but merely a sign.

Pregnancy brochure Combat the medicalization of childbirth by inspiring mothers and mothers to be to consult your practice.

Sciatica brochure Use this informative brochure to encourage sufferers to try chiropractic before resorting to risky, irreversible surgery. Included in our Symptoms Package.

Scoliosis brochure Conservative chiropractic care has helped millions avoid disfigurement and mechanical bracing. Get this into the hands of every parent. Included in our Symptoms Package.

Spinal Decay brochure It's not merely the “normal” aging process but the result of neglected spinal damage. Help patients see what you see.

Stress brochure Make patients more mindful of the physical, chemical and emotional stress in their lives—and the value of chiropractic care.

Subluxation brochure Patients have never heard of it, so you have work to do! Makes the case for detection, correction and prevention.

Whiplash brochure Want to help more patients suffering personal injury or auto accidents? Introduce patients to whiplash with this brochure. Included in our Symptoms Package.

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