The Conversation

30 Days to Ease, Peace and Freedom

The Conversation is a 30-day headspace "cleanse" for chiropractors who want to get back to having fun. It's unlike anything you've ever attended.

unhelpful-seminar.jpgThe Flaw of Seminars

After sitting in a hotel ballroom, you're lucky if you get one or two usable ideas. More common, the one-size-fits-all solutions often produce a burdensome "to do" list. Or feelings of guilt or shame for not seeing the numbers that "good" chiropractors are supposed to see.

The Conversation Is Not a Seminar

So, by now you've heard it all and could probably list a dozen things that you could do, should do (or used to do) that would grow your practice.

Thankfully, you don't need more stuff to do. In fact, you're probably doing too much. It's one of the reasons you're a little crispy around the edges. (We explore the other two reasons at The Conversation.)

The breakthrough most chiropractors want can only come from a new way of being. Which is unlikely from learning a new script, a new procedure or sitting beside your team as someone "yaks" at you from the front of the room.

The Conversation is Intimate and Personal

The Conversation is limited to no more than seven chiropractors. Everyone speaks. Everyone is practicing the Socratic Method. (It's a conversation, remember?) We're digging deep. We're tapping the wisdom of all the participants to uncover new possibilities. We're tackling the trigger points that we often can't see, yet hold us hostage. We're enjoying the supportive, non-judgmental environment.

Then, something profound happens.

The fog lifts. A new clarity emerges. Burden is replaced with opportunity. Discouragement is replaced with hope. All because, as one recent participant observed, "I was asked questions that NOBODY had asked before."

The Conversation is Private

"My job is to create a safe place where fears can be faced, disappointments can be healed and the underlying cause can be identified," says facilitator Bill Esteb. "It's not therapy, there isn't a hot seat, it won't test your bladder and it's not religious, although we'll probably discuss the spiritual implications of being a caregiver. And it's not a sales session." Read what previous attendees have said.


How The Conversation Works

Before we can have a meaningful conversation at the Denver Debrief, you'll want to prepare. Bill will email you 12 assignments over the course of four weeks leading up to our time together. These thought-provoking exercises will get you thinking in new ways. You'll want to take some notes about your experiences so you can share them during our time together. Expect an epiphany or two as you start seeing your practice in an exciting new way.

After four weeks of reflection you'll want to meet the other participants and have one of the most meaningful chiropractic conversations you've ever had.


What The Conversation Costs

To benefit from The Conversation you'll be making three investments:

Financial – Enrollment is USD $500. Relax knowing that we offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. We can't guarantee results, but if you don't get more than your money's worth, we'll cheerfully refund your enrollment.

Time – Participating in The Conversation requires an investment of time to complete the emailed assignments and to attend the Denver Debrief. You'll complete some of the pre-event projects in a few minutes. Others may take a bit longer. Hundreds of chiropractors have been able to integrate them into even the busiest schedules.

Emotional – For some, acknowledging the truth can be scary—but always, liberating. (The truth sets us free, remember?) Keep in mind that fear is a bully who always shrinks away when confronted with the truth.

Who Benefits From The Conversation?

Here's why chiropractors choose to participate in this unique 30-day experience:

Safe and confidential – There are few chiropractic environments in which you can lower your guard. If you feel isolated, spinning your wheels or feel like you should have achieved more by now, this is the place for you.

Time for a reboot – Maybe you're at a pivotal point in your career. Or practice has gone stale. Perhaps you're looking to up your game or reinvent your practice. Countless second chances have started around this table.

Stuck – Do you keep hitting an unseen barrier? Maybe you've even questioned your career choice. The Conversation will get you off the ledge and thinking in fresh, new ways.

Lost your mojo – What used to work, doesn't. You feel emotionally drained at the end of the day. If you're not having fun, you're probably doing it wrong! The Conversation will show you a way forward.

Coachable – You've already made the rounds to the various management groups. After the temporary bump, your original numbers returned. The breakthrough results you want require new ways of being.

Enroll Now

The Conversation is held several times each year. Space is limited and secured on a first-come, first-serve basis. Reserve your slot now with a partial or full payment. Do so now by calling Patient Media at (800) 486-2337.

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