journaling.jpg"Just what am I getting myself in for, Bill?"

Not to worry. Most of the assignments are ideas and procedures you're familiar with. The difference here is you'll be more present and have a heightened sense of observation as you go about completing them.

It is this self-reflection piece that that produces the breakthroughs you seek. Write down your reactions, insights and bullet points that will help you recall your reaction when we get together for our Denver Debrief.

Here are the topics that will show up in your email inbox during the four weeks to prepare you for our time together in Denver. They can be easily addressed by even the busiest chiropractor:

  1. Outcomes
  2. Create a Clearing
  3. Forgiveness
  4. Burnout
  5. Where I Am
  6. What Won't You Look At?
  7. Things That Work
  8. Do You Care Too Much?
  9. Who Are You Showing Up As?
  10. Speak Less. Be More.
  11. Your Chiropractic Story
  12. Create Your Agenda

As you can see, nothing particularly scary.

Now, if you haven't established the 21st Century habit of checking your email on a regular basis, you'll want to begin. Because that's how we conduct The Conversation until we meet electronically and have one of the most stimulating, insightful conversations of your chiropractic career.

Alert me when future Conversations are planned.