Thanks a Million Checks


Thanks-a-Million Thank You Checks make a patient feel like a million bucks! It's an update to the popular Thank U Gram of the past. 

We'll custom imprint your office name, address and phone number in the upper left corner and then email you a proof for your approval. Then, simply enter the patient's name, mailing address and fill in the memo field with the reason you're thanking them. Slip it into one of the matching window envelopes. Apply postage and mail. It's easy!

Use these Thanks-a-Million Checks to…

  • Acknowledge a patient's recent referral
  • Congratulate a patient on their compliance
  • Thank those who attended your patient lecture
  • Respond to a patient's idea or suggestion
  • Express thanks for their thoughtful holiday gift
  • Convey your appreciation to a helpful vendor
  • Thank new patients for choosing your practice

This clever solution is likely to be saved on refrigerators, pinned to bulletin boards at work and kept for a long time, serving as a lasting reminder of your thoughtful gesture.

Like afferent and efferent nerve communications, being a grateful receiver is as important as being a faithful giver. Say "Thank you!" more frequently and open the floodgates to even more blessings.

Thanks-A-Million Checks
Sets of 50 custom imprinted checks and matching envelopes