Near Perfect Neck X-ray


Nearly Perfect Xray for Teaching Cervical Anatomy

The perfect teaching resource for your report of findings. This wall chart, with a textbook normal lateral cervical X-ray isn't perfect, but it's close.

It’s 2X normal Xray size to make the details easier for patients to appreciate. 

At their report of findings, have each patient compare the neutral lateral cervical X-ray you took with this one. They'll immediately see why they need the care you’re recommending!

Our cervical spine chart has 10 call outs, which identify major anatomical landmarks of the cervical spine, such as the lordosis cervical curve, disc spacing and other essential details. Frame it beside your X-ray viewbox or rotate it among your other wall graphics to increase awareness about the importance of the cervical spine.

The image we use on this cervical spine chart is from our popular Spinal Decay chart and report insert.

Near Perfect Cervical Spine Chart
18" X 24"

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